Sunday, October 18, 2015

Now seeking Partner(s)

Rox Chox will not continue without an additional partner, it has been decided. 

Now crowdsourcing solutions! Please spread the word if you want this company to continue to provide this product. 

We need a business partner or group of partners willing to invest a significant amount of time and capital in order to continue. We will wait until the right person/people show up before we begin to produce/promise chocolate. 

The right persons will have experience in the management realm of the specialty food industry, will be great communicators, hard workers, and positive, friendly people who believe in this product. Please send them our way!


  1. Siempre y todos los dia son fechas para no pasar por alto, vivamos una epoca de armonia, acompañamineto y detalles, celebra compartiendo y regalando
    Cupcakes y Brownies en familia y para todos.