Monday, February 13, 2017

One Special Small Valentine's Batch of Rox Chox for short sale!

ANNOUNCING! Rox Chox Valentine's Day Auction to benefit S t a n d i n g. R o c k! 
Now is your once-every-three-years-or-so chance to get a taste of this!
We brought that special secret recipe out of the vaults in the name of love and now we offer one small batch of eight Rox Chox bars in the name of Justice. 
Give the W a t e r P r o t e c t o r s as much money as you can and get a deeelicious rare treat in return. 
How it works:
(For efficiency's sake we are doing all of this through the Internet and Facebook. Sorry, no in-person pick ups)
There is a post for each bar on which you can bid on our Facebook page.
The highest bidder on the 15th of February has until midnight on the 16th to donate their bid to the Standing Rock Water Protectors Legal Defense Fund ( , send us an email with a copy of that donation receipt and $7.70 for priority shipping via PayPal. (If you are outside of the USA you can calculate the shipping cost at for the weight of the bar you win and send that amount in USD instead).
On the 17th we will ship your bar!
It will arrive a few days later!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Our email address is
Thank you!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

We are currently on hiatus indefinitely!

Folks, we know you love and need this chocolate, but unless you can get to one of the stores listed on the "Buy Rox Chox" page, you'll have to wait indefinitely. Our online store is closed for our healing hiatus.

You can reach us at where we welcome your feedback.

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One week left :)

Rox Chox is going on hiatus for all of 2015! 

If you want to order online, please do so by Nov. 21st. We will not be accepting any orders after that date. 

Please be advised that several factors have impacted our production schedule and orders are being delayed by an extra week or so. 

Thank you for your patience!

Monday, September 8, 2014

BIG News for fans of Rox Chox!

We're Back!

& we have BIG news 

Happy September!  We hope all is well with you.  We are back to business making fresh batches of Rox Chox, and are shipping orders out as weather allows (heat waves permitting).
This summer we seriously examined the future of Rox Chox and we have decided to stop production for 2015 and work on developing our company and our business model.

What this means for you, our beloved customers, is our website has reopened for online orders and will stay open until November 20th (in time to ship for Thanksgiving!). Starting November 21st, we will stop production through 2015 with plans to reopen in January 2016. Both flavors are now available in bulk containers or in the 1.5 oz bar size in a case of twelve or in three-packs and shipping prices have been adjusted to reflect the actual cost of sending via Priority with the USPS. As always, if you're in a hot spot we may need to delay your order until it cools off a bit.

Sweet Tip: Rox Chox freezes great for long-term storage, and also keeps in the cooler, walk-in, or refrigerator for probably a year or longer.

research & development

The decision to stop production for 2015 was huge for us and of course we didn't come to it lightly. Our company has grown incredibly quickly, thanks to you! And we are so grateful but with growth there needs to be balance to sustain a business, just like we need balance in our own lives.

Rox Chox has grown to the point where our family production model can not sustain it at a level that meets our customers' needs. Throughout 2015 we'll be developing ways to grow responsibly while maintaining the integrity of our products and striving to build a company that will be able to provide a healthy and balanced environment for all of our workers.
Your support means the world to us and we appreciate your patience as we move through this exciting new phase of our growthWe have really appreciated your patronage and enthusiasm during these formative first three years of Rox Chox and we look forward to stocking you up on Rox Chox through this year and then returning to serving up more delicious chocolate after 2015!
With gratitude,
Rochelle and River

Friday, August 22, 2014

We're back!

Due to popular demand, Rox Chox is back online a bit early! Please take a minute to read our "Buy Rox Chox online" page for any questions you might have. Looking forward to serving you some delicious chocolate! 

Thank you. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

On Summer Hiatus until September 2nd, 2014

Hello Fans!

The time has come for a rejuvenating relaxing balance to all the busy business of keeping your Rox Chox in stock!

We won't be shipping any chocolate in the summer due to the heat (it'd be melllltinnng...), but we have stocked up all your favorite retail locations (see the "Buy and Contact Chox" page for a full list) and we will be back online on September 2nd!

Happy Summer to you. We look forward to working with you again in the autumn.

Whole Foods! Good News!

Big news! Rox just made our first delivery to Whole Foods Market!  We are starting with their new Greenway location on Scholls Ferry Rd (near where I grew up!), and we'll take a short break from our Summer Break to do a live demo there sometime in June.
You can find Rox Chox here in the specialty department in good company between Raaka and Alma chocolates!  
Thanks everybody for your requests to get into Whole Foods Market which has motivated this step!  As for the Whole Foods in your particular neighborhood, so far we have been approved for the Pacific Northwest Region, so we'll be taking it one store at a time out here and gradually spreading eastward as we grow in our sustainable, methodical style.
Photo Credit goes to WFM staffer Gio. Thanks, Gio!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweet Sixteen days until our annual Summer Break!

In case you are interested, the main reason we started taking summers off was because of the heat (big news, chocolate melts!), so we didn't ship during the warmer months, and it just made sense. 

However, it has turned out to be a Sustainability Policy in more ways than one- our Annual Summer Break gives us a chance to pursue our other life passions and paths, keeping the people behind the chocolate in good spirits and sanity.

So thank you for ordering and stocking up on your favorite delicious, healthy chocolate before May 23rd. Because after that, we will be enjoying the sunshine, as we hope you will be as well.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Annual Summer Hiatus! Order by May 23rd to last you til September!

Hello Loyal Rox Chox Fans, Thank you for your passionate patronage. We so appreciate your enthusiasm for this delicious healthy chocolate, and we so enjoy making it for you. We also really look forward to time off from the business side of life, and will be closing for the summer again this year, allowing us to do some camping in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and then to return in September with renewed zest for chocolate-making! Online ordering will be available through May 23rd and will resume on September 2nd. Make note! We will NOT be shipping ANY chocolate in June, July, or August. (Unless someone offers some ridiculously exorbitant bribe for us to take a quick break from vacation and we happen to be able to - you never know). This month has also brought a new development to Rox Chox: molds! You may soon notice that the 1.5 oz bars are no longer cut by hand but formed in a mold. This allows for greater efficiency and accuracy and produces less waste and less crumbs. Yay! Happy Spring tidings to all... Rochelle and River

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy 3 year anniversary to Rox Chox!

Thank you for loving this chocolate for these three years. We are so glad to have made it this far and to still be growing strong!

They say starting a business is like having a child.  Well, neither of us know how challenging it is to have children, but we can appreciate the analogy from the business side for sure. 

Today is the anniversary of our first demo, at which we sold out. That exciting beginning has propelled us through many sleepless nights and tantrums (by these adults), and now we are proud and happy to say that our business has grown from its infancy through the walking stage and is now stringing words together on its own!

Before you know it, we'll be sending it off to kindergarten. That'll be the day. :)

Until then, this sample's for you! Happy Anniversary Rox Chox!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Matt will see you at Market tomorrow!

The Hillsdale Market tomorrow is going to be so sunny! Hooray for wonderful market days!!

Matt will be there to greet you tomorrow, and he is amply supplied with samples to satisfy your cravings!

Hooray for lilacs blooming....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We won't be at market tomorrow, apologies!

This spring has socked your market booth staff with one tenacious bug! Working on getting better, albeit from home tomorrow. Planning to see you next week! Be well. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A few more fabulous flowers of the day to celebrate our Spring Giveaway!!!

Can you believe the beautiful diversity of Mother Nature!!! 
These flowers represent the variety to be found in the flavors of just one bar of Rox Chox, which is what you will receive for FREE with any order placed by midnight tonight!
Celebrating Spring...

Giveaway ends tonight!

What a glorious day! Sunshine and flowers everywhere. The colors! The warmth!  Celebrate the return to life with a free bar of Rox Chox - the giveaway ends tonight at midnight. Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beauteous Spring Tidings! A gift for you!

Hello and Happy Springtime Dear Roxchoxtarians!

Here in the Portland area, birds, bees, and flowers are in abundance, so we are feeling generous. We are celebrating this most wonderful resurgence of life to our natural world by giving away FREE CHOCOLATE to YOU!!! Happy Spring.

This is a rare occasion. We give out lots of morsels to sample, but VERY RARELY do we just give away an entire 1.5 oz bar of Rox Chox. 

That means that if you buy just one bar, you will get two! Yup, it's a Two-fer! 
And if you buy one flavor, you can get the other flavor for free. Just let us know which flavor freebie you'd like, and we'll set you up for some delicious springtime treats.

Offer ends Sunday at midnight. Happy Spring!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Freebie Friday Giveaway

This weekend we are celebrating spring by giving everyone who orders from our website one free 1.5oz bar of your choice. 

Will it be Dibs on Nibs at 73% but still-so-sweet, or the creamy-with-coconut 53% Sweet and Salt?

Let us know in the "note" of your order which freebie you prefer!

#raw #organic #fairtrade #vegan #sugarfree #chocolate #giveaway !

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

It's like Spring in Oregon!

And we have sprung back into action! A few updates: We've been working on a new shopping method for our website. It will be much better, very soon. You've been asking for O.M.Ginger, and we've been listening - it's coming soon! That's all for now, folks. Hope you're enjoying some nice weather wherever you may be.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Whew, we made it home safely but our trusty truck got stuck, so if you order online in the next few days we won't be able to ship it to you in our normal timeframe. Expect a delay of 4 days or longer. Thank you for your weathered patience!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

We're back! Happy 2014 to all!

Online ordering is back up and can be found to the right of this post in the sidebar and also on the "Buy Chox" page, which you can select via the above menu. Please read through our shipping policies if you haven't before. We had a great vacation that brought us some great changes and are happy to be back to work making Rox Chox! Happy New Year and thank you for your order!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

We are at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market every other Sunday thru March!

The first Hillsdale Farmer's Market of 2014 was was beautifully bright and cold, but I was thickly bundled and had a chance to do a little basking in the sunshine.  I love having to get up early on market days, because then I see the sunrise! It was gorgeous today. And so peaceful.  Here's a view of the Tualatin Valley's morning:

We are happy to announce that we will be at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market at least through March 2014.  The market is every other Sunday from 10-2.   That's Rox Chox in the photo below, second booth on the right with the red tent and table.

Embedded image permalink

The next Hillsdale Market will be Sunday the 19th of January, when our favorite vegan employee Matt will be giving out samples and market-direct deals to you while I take a trip to visit family. 

I hope to see you every other Sunday after that! Have an awesome 2014.

Friday, December 6, 2013


You are the best customers ever!

We are so happy to be on a break from bringing you delicious Rox Chox.

Our online ordering options will be back up on January 10th. See you then!

Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Going offline until January 10th in one hour!

Thank you so much for all your appreciation, enthusiasm and joy for Rox Chox! Your kind words are really keeping us going!

Speaking of going, here we go off of the Internet! Online ordering will be taken off of our site through January 10th of 2014 at midnight tonight.

Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift your gifts & stock up by tomorrow!

Just one day left until online ordering will be unavailable until January 10th!

If you are stocking up for yourself or to gift to lucky special someones, now's the time!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hillsdale Farmer's Market, 3 days only!

Rox Chox will be at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market for three days only! Special for the holidays, we will be a "Pop-Up" vendor on Nov.24, Dec.8 & Dec.22, Sundays, in the Wilson High School parking lot in Hillsdale, just outside of Portland. Come visit! 

I, personally, have never been to this market, but I hear it is fabulous, large, and has everything one needs for holiday gifting and merry meal-making! What could be better than locally crafted fresh artisan everything?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

FREE Gift wrapping before Dec 4!

If you order Rox Chox for a friend we I'll gift-wrap it and hand-write your personal message on a heart-shaped card. All orders in by Dec.4 get this special treatment!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Newly available online: Dibs on Nibs!

We are happy to announce the virtual arrival of our new flavor, Dibs on Nibs!

 Dibs on Nibs, at a 73% cacao content, is the darkest of all Rox Chox. The nibs of the heirloom variety of cacao Arriba Nacional de Fina are the crunchy topping and texture to this decadent treat and come to us full of flavor and nutrition from Fair-Trade farmers in Ecuador.

This new flavor is free of coconut and salt but may have come into contact with them as it is processed in our Rox Chox Raw Lab on the same equipment as our original flavor, Sweet & Salt.

You can buy Dibs on Nibs from our website on the sidebar to the right or on the "Buy Chox" page, or by visiting us in person at one of the Farmer's Markets!


Thank You, Ann Boroch! Healing bellies, healing hearts.

It has been brought to our attention that a number of you have found us through Ann Boroch's

New Revised Edition of Healing Multiple Sclerosis !

What an honor it is to have Rox Chox included in Doctor Boroch's list of approved treats!

Thank you Ann Boroch for sharing the great news of Rox Chox with your readers, and thank you to everyone who is on the healing journey and chooses our chocolate as your treat. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Closed for the holidays December 13 - January 5

Advance notice!

We will be taking a winter break from December 5th through January 5th this year to spend some time with family.

Just so you know ahead of time, you will be able to place orders online until December 4th, orders will ship the week of Dec. 9-13, and we'll be open again January 6th!

Happy holiday planning!
Thank you

Saving paper, no receipts!

Quick update for you, our internet customers.

We will no longer be printing your receipt and including it with your shipment.  You do get a receipt from Paypal when you place your order, and in the interest of saving time and paper, we have decided that it's ok to let go of that step.

Thank you!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

We won an award for sustainability!

Rox Chox is now an award-winning chocolate. 

The members voted, and we have been selected as the recipients of Food Front Co-op's Sustainable Community Award for 2013. Thank you Food Front Owners!! We are so happy to be recognized for our ultra-sustainable efforts, and we feel so honored that you took the time to nominate and vote for Rox Chox!

We were presented with our award at Food Front Co-op's Hillsdale location's 5-year anniversary, and I finally got to give that acceptance speech I've been practicing since I was 5.  

Rox Chox for the win! :) Thank you!

Friday, September 20, 2013

All is well in the land of Chox. Your opinion please?

Well, Portland, fall is here. The sprinkling has begun. The cool fresh breezes are blowing. And we are back at it, slinging raw chocolate like nobody's business. Well, actually, like our business.

Speaking of business, this making healthy chocolate has turned out to be a pretty busy one, as businesses go! We are happy to have so much demand for our product and we are carefully considering many possible options of how to address this growth. 

As you may be aware, both of us Choxatarians come from both culinary and artistic backgrounds, so the business aspect has been a learn-as-we-go kind of process, and it has been very overwhelming. We are proud of what we have accomplished at Rox Chox, and we enjoy our chocolate work very much, but we need to better balance our creative lives with our business lives. We are seeking solutions! Do YOU have the answer??

Our intention for the next few months is to do some intensive learning in the subject of business growth, and also to reach out and have more conversations about different ways of dealing with growth or structuring businesses. We believe in the power of collective thought and decision making, and we would like to invite you to share with us your ideas for Rox Chox.

What would you like to see more of? 
Ex: Rox Chox in more stores / more flavors / different packaging / more availability of bulk Rox Chox in stores / more farmer's markets / ... 

Is there a way that you would like to support Rox Chox in our growth?

What ideas do you have in any aspect of business growth that could be helpful to us?

What examples have you seen or experienced of businesses in our position?

Drop us a line at or just share your idea, any idea, right here! Thanks for engaging with us in more ways than taste :) We're all in this together, right? And we all want our Rox Chox, that's for sure!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chef River back in action!

We are back in production, and to celebrate, here's a rare peek into the Raw Lab.  You can see River at work (listening to the Cocteau Twins) cutting the Chox by hand and see how we weigh each piece, one at a time. Call that hand-crafted? Could only get closer if the gloves came off. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why hello again!

My, how time flies on vacation!  Thanks so much for your patience while we had some summer fun; we are replenished and ready for another busy chocolate season!

Ordering options are back up, so have at it! Please be advised that we have further elaborated on our shipping policies on the 'Buy Chox' page: having had two incidences of melting occur, we no longer will ship to you if it is over 90 degrees F in your location, and if it is over 80, you order at your own risk of melting. We will do our best with insulation.

Here's a few snapshots of what you missed on our vacation: 

 Volunteering at Farmageddon
 Planting a fig tree in Forest Grove
 Swimming at the Sandy River
 Living the life we imagine at the Oregon Coast
 Visiting the picturesque wine country of the Willamette Valley
 Spending quality time with dear friends
 Spending quality time together
 Playing in the sand

Thursday, July 4, 2013

We are on vacation through September 1st, 2013. See you then!

Rox Chox is on vacation! We will return September 1st, and will restore online ordering options to our website at that time. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you so much for your business.  You can still find Rox Chox at all of our retail partners, listed on the "Find and Buy Chox" page. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last chance to order until September!

Hello dear fans of Rox Chox, this is your final reminder- order by midnight PST today or wait until September! Hope you Have an awesome summer! Thank you!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Vacation Announcement!

Dear valued customers,

Rox Chox has been a two-person operation for over two years now, and we have been busily making and shipping Chox for this whole time with hardly any time off, which means the time has finally come for us to take a break (and, on a personal note, a long-postponed honeymoon).  We are choosing to close Rox Chox this year for the six hottest weeks of the summer since it is the slowest time for chocolate sales. This also means that our carbon footprint will be noticeably lighter as we won't be shipping as many ice packs and coolers! 

From July 1st - August 31st we will not be filling any orders, and we will remove online ordering options. We ask that you place your order by July 1st, and we will ship it by July 15th.  We hope that you are able to place an order to last you through the first week of September, as we will re-open for business on September 1st, and fill orders as we receive them.  Just a friendly summer reminder- the shelf life of Rox Chox is three months when Rox Chox is kept at 65*F or lower. If you normally buy your Chox in a store, don't worry- they will be well-stocked.

We thank you SO much for trying, buying, and delighting in Rox Chox.  When you choose to treat yourself to Rox Chox, you are not only supporting our small business, but also Organic and Fair Trade practices and people in Indonesia, The Phillippines, Peru, Ecuador, France, and Indiana, USA.  So when you delight in Rox Chox, you are helping to heal yourself and the planet at the same time!  It has truly been a surprising delight to do business with you, and we look forward to another busy chocolate season starting in September.

Rochelle & River
Rox Chox Chocolates.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

We will be at the Red Fox Vintage grand opening tomorrow!

Last minute, but fabulous:

Red Fox vintage is opening a new store on SE Woodstock, and we will be at the celebration tomorrow from 10-2 or maybe later. It is right across from the farmer's market! So, do you need some fresh produce AND some fresh Rox Chox along with a new summer style? So many favorite city delights, all in one location tomorrow!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Mad Styles at Last Thursday on Alberta

What a party! I hadn't been out to Last Thursday in years, I guess, because MY how it's grown! It was so fun to have a booth there, so we'll be doing it for the summer each month!

My favorite part? Smiles and fashion... And Kinetic Bicycle Art!

From the top down (descriptors are mine)
Larissa, fashion stand-out.
Teri, Sexual Healer promoting an Ecosexual conference.
Masha, glass-blowing artist of tiny bottles.
Elsbeth and Luke, my artist booth-mates, who were so much fun!

Tigerlily's Tally

The best part about selling Rox Chox at Farmer's Markets & the like is the people we meet! We are such a diverse array of beauties, us humans! I was lucky this Wednesday to have the assistance of my niece Tigerlily, who made a list of the names of all the people who directly supported our efforts by buying Rox Chox on that day. Love this:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Highlight of the Farmer's Market!

"This is the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!" -Janet (on right)

"I love the texture!" -Sierra (on left)

Thank You Janet and Sierra! It is such a delight to see reactions like yours. This is why we Chox!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wednesday Farmer's Market!

Come see, taste, and get deals on Rox Chox at the People's Farmer's Market tomorrow from 2-7pm! Rochelle and our intern Tigerlily will be there to tell you all the important info and to give you samples even if you already know you like Rox Chox! We will have Sweet & Salt and Dibs on Nibs, and special grab bags of tasty morsels!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Farmer's Market Fun Times

Rochelle and Tigerlily, our new intern who recorded these notes on who bought our Chox:

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Chox in Portland... The city that can't get enuf CACAO..

Heal your body from the inside out with Rox Chox and Yoga and massage and all kinds of more good healing at Root Whole Body on Ne 15th Ave in Portland! They now carry our 3/4 oz Square.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Come on down to the Farmer's Market!

Great News! Every other Wednesday starting tomorrow, you can find Rox Chox at the People's Co-op Year-Round Farmer's Market! We will be giving away samples and deals on all three flavors, plus occasionally featuring new recipes for your taste buds to review!

This Wednesday, March 27 (tomorrow!) we will have our second "debut" (the official one, this time!) of our  new flavors Dibs on Nibs and O.M.Ginger. We would love to have your company and for you to review our new flavors.

Where: 3029 SE 21st Ave, Portland  OR 97202
When: Wednesday March 27th and every other Weds. after that, 2-7pm
Who: Rochelle will be at the booth!

Here's a peek at the labels for our new flavors, which will soon be available online and in your favorite store:

A new state of being delicious: Maryland!

Rox Chox is now available in the neighborhood of our country's capital (in Mt. Rainier) at The Glut Food Co-op:

This co-op looks positively old-school awesome! We hope to visit it one day, but for now: all you folks in the capital area, enjoy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New flavors in stock at People's Co-op

Hello! We had some graphic design delays, but finally finished the labels for our new flavors! The O.M.Ginger and Dibs on Nibs will be on the shelf at People's Food Co-op tomorrow! Hooray! And in a bit, we will have online ordering options for them as well.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another "Yes, Please" environ Los Angeles!

A new location... my favorite news to share!

This time it is a legend in the vegan world: Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park! Like our favorite food source here in Portland, it has been a cozy "down-home" kind of place to get your organic veggies and such since 1970.

You may know them from the Follow Your Heart brand cream cheese and delicious heart-healthy Vegenaise which they are responsible for, among other things. We are honored to be in such established culinary company, and happy to fulfill the request of a customer who will now be able to walk in and pick up her Chox fix.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A few new spots in/near PDX to get your fix...

We are happy to now be accessible to all the docs-to-be at the:

National College of Naturopathic Medicine Bookstore
49 SW Porter St  Portland, OR 97201

And across the Columbia River in the state to the North, where gay marriage is legal <3 :

The Vancouver Food Co-op
1002 Main St  Vancouver, WA 98660

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Update on the new flavors:

So sorry to have teased you, but there's a bit of a delay on releasing the new flavors.

We have been so busy stocking up the stores after everyone's holiday Chox-eating frenzies that we've barely been able to give the new flavors our attention! But rest assured, the first limited editions were so well-received that we know we must produce.

So while I don't have a date for you, I do have a promise.

Dibs on Nibs and the as-yet-to-be-named Ginger Chox will be coming to you (at least on the Internet) soon. I know that's vague... but did you know that we are doing this the down-home DIY way? As in, we are figuring it all out one step at a time. I know, I'm impatient for them as well! I swear to you, interneto-blogosphere fans, that right after filling our regular orders, releasing our new flavors are my #1 priority, and I am giving them all the attention I possibly can while still maintaining some sanity.

Thank you all so much for making our dreams of creating this business possible! We are thrilled beyond our expectations to be this busy, and you are making it possible for us to continue providing you with this delicious treat.

Rochelle and River