Monday, January 30, 2012

Rox Chox in Manzanita, Oregon

One of my favorite towns on the Oregon coast is Manzanita. And now our Chox will be available there, in a great boutique called Unfurl. Can't wait to visit! Thanks, Suzy. Enjoy!. Find them here:

Great Surprise review from Chef Tina at Haute Health!

We just found this great review of Rox Chox on the blog Haute Health, written by Chef Tina Leigh, who had this to say: "The makers brilliantly blend coarse sea salt and shredded coconut right into the cacao so each and every bit is rich in salty goodness.  But you know what’s even more amazing?  They are completely dairy and SUGAR FREE!!!" Thank you, Tina. We also think our Chox is brilliant and amazing, but we are a little partial. Nice to hear back from chocolate lovers-at-large in the health profession.
Read the whole post here:

Also, I Just tried taking a picture of the screen with the apple shift-apple-4-space-bar option, and it works like a charm!  Here is a picture of the blog post from Tina Leigh at Haute Health.  The Rox Chox 4 oz jar in the picture is our special holiday packaging that we did for People's, which will make an appearance for Valentine's day at People's as well. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rox Chox are not for Dogs!

Please folks, don't throw this Chox to the dogs.  Xylitol is not safe for dogs.

Really.  It can be fatal.  We all know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but while our sweetener Xylitol is totally safe for human bodies, i
n any amount it poses a fatal risk to our canine friends.  Please exercise extra caution around dogs, and lock up your stocks of Rox Chox so they can't access it!  

If you are ordering Rox Chox through the mail, let us know if we need to use extra-dog-proof packaging.  

We are working on a warning label for our new package design, and for now we're going to improvise with an added sticker.  Here is the link to the website of Dr. Jason Nicholas, The Preventive Vet, whose letter prompted our swift preventive measures, where you can find more information on keeping innocuous-seeming foods (grapes!?) out of reach of animals they could harm: