Thursday, December 27, 2012

We're baaaack!

Thanks for the vacation, folks! We got a lot of blissful sunshine and family time over the week in California, and are now gladly back in Portland, where by some miracle the sun is also shining. Online ordering options are back up, and we are expecting our delivery of cacao any day now, so we will be making a fresh batch (No.291, I think)in the next few days and shipping orders on Monday. Hope your holidays were awesome, or if you celebrate Kwanzaa, that they will be, and Happy New Year! Peace, Rochelle and River

Friday, December 14, 2012

Going on Holiday!

Hello Rox Chox fans,

I hope that this post finds you well.  I wish I had thought ahead to give you more warning- so I apologize if this takes you by surprise and you find yourself stranded over the holidays with no Rox Chox.

We are taking a holiday! Rox Chox will be unavailable for business December 18th-26th.  If you would like to order online, please do so by the end of the day on the 17th. We will ship to you on the 18th and then be on our way to Los Angeles to be with family.

We will temporarily remove the shopping buttons and replace them on the 27th, when we will be available to make and ship you a fresh batch of Rox Chox again.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! See you in the New Year!

Rochelle and River

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Charming new Seattle location to get your Chox fix!

There is a lovely location in Seattle, tucked away in an unassuming modern-looking building, where I have heard you will get the most old-fashioned personal attention and holistic healing advice and assistance. It is called Sugar Pill, and it is the source of many specialty needs and extras, and a showroom of delightful sights and smells. It is a special place for those who desire something distinctive in the departments of Culinary, Mercantile, and even Apothecary. Its proprietor, Karyn Schwartz, who is of much specialized knowledge, recently discovered Rox Chox... so now you can buy our chocolate there as well. Happy happy O So very Happy Holidays, Seattle.

Big News: New Flavors!

The time has come! We have had so many requests for a coconut-free flavor that I have been busy experimenting and finally hit upon two combinations that are delicious enough that I scaled it up for our first limited-edition premiere. The new flavors are: "Dibs on Nibs", made with these cacao nibs of so many colors:

And "Ginger":

for which I used all of this vibrant Peruvian magical root.  I had never peeled this much ginger at once before yesterday, so I googled 'peel ginger', thinking 'there must be an easier way?' and it turns out, there is! A simple spoon did the trick. The skin is so much more delicate than I'd thought.

Both of our new flavors are free of coconut and salt, so they are accessible to even more people of restricted diets - hooray! Nothing makes me happier than when someone says, 'Oh, but I can't have ___' and I can respond with 'But this treat is free of ____' and I see their face light up with joy. I know that feeling all too well, and I am really looking forward to seeing those smiles on your faces at the:

People's Holiday Craft Fair, December 12th, 2-7pm. 3029 SE 21st, Portland OR 97202, when we will premiere these two new flavors in a limited edition! Come by for a taste.

Shortly after this fair, we will also make them available online and to our retail locations. Thank you for fueling our creative fires, chocolate lovers. We are so happy to give you some sweetness.