Saturday, May 24, 2014

On Summer Hiatus until September 2nd, 2014

Hello Fans!

The time has come for a rejuvenating relaxing balance to all the busy business of keeping your Rox Chox in stock!

We won't be shipping any chocolate in the summer due to the heat (it'd be melllltinnng...), but we have stocked up all your favorite retail locations (see the "Buy and Contact Chox" page for a full list) and we will be back online on September 2nd!

Happy Summer to you. We look forward to working with you again in the autumn.

Whole Foods! Good News!

Big news! Rox just made our first delivery to Whole Foods Market!  We are starting with their new Greenway location on Scholls Ferry Rd (near where I grew up!), and we'll take a short break from our Summer Break to do a live demo there sometime in June.
You can find Rox Chox here in the specialty department in good company between Raaka and Alma chocolates!  
Thanks everybody for your requests to get into Whole Foods Market which has motivated this step!  As for the Whole Foods in your particular neighborhood, so far we have been approved for the Pacific Northwest Region, so we'll be taking it one store at a time out here and gradually spreading eastward as we grow in our sustainable, methodical style.
Photo Credit goes to WFM staffer Gio. Thanks, Gio!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweet Sixteen days until our annual Summer Break!

In case you are interested, the main reason we started taking summers off was because of the heat (big news, chocolate melts!), so we didn't ship during the warmer months, and it just made sense. 

However, it has turned out to be a Sustainability Policy in more ways than one- our Annual Summer Break gives us a chance to pursue our other life passions and paths, keeping the people behind the chocolate in good spirits and sanity.

So thank you for ordering and stocking up on your favorite delicious, healthy chocolate before May 23rd. Because after that, we will be enjoying the sunshine, as we hope you will be as well.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Annual Summer Hiatus! Order by May 23rd to last you til September!

Hello Loyal Rox Chox Fans, Thank you for your passionate patronage. We so appreciate your enthusiasm for this delicious healthy chocolate, and we so enjoy making it for you. We also really look forward to time off from the business side of life, and will be closing for the summer again this year, allowing us to do some camping in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest and then to return in September with renewed zest for chocolate-making! Online ordering will be available through May 23rd and will resume on September 2nd. Make note! We will NOT be shipping ANY chocolate in June, July, or August. (Unless someone offers some ridiculously exorbitant bribe for us to take a quick break from vacation and we happen to be able to - you never know). This month has also brought a new development to Rox Chox: molds! You may soon notice that the 1.5 oz bars are no longer cut by hand but formed in a mold. This allows for greater efficiency and accuracy and produces less waste and less crumbs. Yay! Happy Spring tidings to all... Rochelle and River