Neighborhood Notes:

An article on Portland Fair Trade Chocolate- we're in some great company here in P-town!

Interviewed: Verdict? The Best.

We had a great interview with local food writer Teresa Bergen in April, and we were very happy with the great article she wrote about us.  Thanks, Teresa!  I love how she caught me summing up our mission: “I want Rox Chox to be a real pleasurable treat that helps seduce people towards a healthier diet.”  Healthier by Pleasure, that's my motto!  Happy to please.

Eco Vegan Gal Roxxx!!!

We absolutely LOVE this video that Whitney Lauritsen of Eco Vegan Gal posted.  What a great surprise!  That enthusiasm is not fake-- Rox Chox really is that good.  Check out her blog if you have a moment- it is also awesome! Thank you, Eco Vegan Gal


Sweet, they got the samples.  And even better, they like our chocolate! Check out Vegansaurus' blog , it's pretty spiffy.  


Haute Health, Chef Tina Leigh

Chef Tina Leigh wrote us this great review after finding our special holiday Rox Chox Jars at People's Food Coop:

Our Community Pantry

“This local, artisanal chocolate currently comes in just one flavor, but it’s some of the best I’ve ever had and possibly the best local chocolate in town.  The coconut oil gives it a mild coconut taste and the xylitol makes it crispy, like a Nestle Crunch bar.  It’s really good stuff.”  Brion Oliver of Our Community Pantry:

 Our Community Pantry was the first to receive The Phenomenon, the 4 oz Rox Chox bar.



Skagit Co-op

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Trendy Tuesday, a sweet pairing of Rox Chox with autumnal fashion!