Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rox Chox News: new locations in Arcata and Eugene OR, and Oak Park IL

We got one of those great emails today- an order from a new vendor, Marche Provisions in Eugene, OR. I also shipped a first order out to Arcata's North Coast Co-op, which is coincidentally at the center of its city, just like Marche Provisions. And, due to a customer request, we will also be shipping a first order to The Marion Street Cheese Market in Oak Park, Illinois. Getting right into the heart of things!

In other exciting news, we were interviewed by a food-and-arts writer from the SE Examiner yesterday, and a few weeks ago by a writer from BePortland.org. Word is spreading! Looking forward to reading their perspectives on our chocolate story.

Speaking of stories, I've been reading 'Chocolat', by Joanne Harris, and really enjoying it as a narrative, as visually and viscerally evocative prose, and as a window into the person I am becoming more of every day: a love-propagandizing chocolatier!

When I am tempering chocolate I ask my mind to clear, I focus on my breath and simply enjoy the swirling seductive smooth waves of cacao. I give thanks and hold my love and gratitude for this gift of right living high in my heart. When River and I make Chox together, the kitchen is full of our giggles, affectionate quips, and endearing admonishments. We love our work. Maybe that shows in the taste of our creation, and as a friend recently told me, is part of why people love it so much.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Demotastic! Sundance is great, excited to visit Olympia!

Riv and Ro had a great time last weekend giving away samples at Sundance Natural Foods in Eugene, where there are lots of mellow chocolate-loving folks, and an awesome deli. We had so much fun on our little demo road trip, in fact, that we just scheduled another for Olympia, just in time for the Procession of the Species. On Saturday we'll see the Procession of artfully crafted creatures, and do some touristy relaxing non-work, and on Sunday we will give Rox Chox out. Come see us, or send your Olympian friends: west side co-op from 11-1pm, east side co-op from 3-5. Chox it up to yumminess!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More stores, stat!

Well folks, we are happy to announce our latest location: the two Community Food Co-ops in Bellingham, WA! So if you are in BC Canada, that is your best bet, right across the border.