Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rox Chox changes- but not to the recipe!

Here's a pic of the Rox Chox crew heading to the kitchen to hook you up!

We are personally leaving for San Francisco on Monday so that Rochelle can start grad school, but first we made over 20 pounds of Rox Chox to stock Portland up on its favorite new treat!

Portland fans of our delicious nutritious chocolate can find it at People's Co-op on SE 21st, the Alberta Co-op on NE Alberta,  Food Front Co-op on NW Thurman, and Open Space Cafe on SE Holgate.
In Washington, you can find us at the Skagit Valley Coop!

River will be commuting to our Portland kitchen as needed over the next year to make Rox Chox while Rochelle is in school.  As always, if you want to buy Rox Chox at your local Co-op, send them our way!

Thanks for eating, Ro & Riv

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