Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Holy Moly, Powell's Books on Burnside!

If you live in or have visited Portland, you know of the amazing Powell's Books, the 'City of Books' that takes up a whole city block and is a Portland institution.  Words cannot describe how thrilled we at Rox Chox are to be delivering to Powell's on Burnside for the first time tomorrow.  It is locally-loved hot spot and also a tourist destination, so will expand visibility for our chocolate exponentially. It also means so much to us personally.

When I, Rochelle, moved to the Portland area with my parents and sisters, it was 1989.  As fate would have it, that was the same year that River moved to Portland from Los Angeles.  We didn't know each other then- I was only nine years old- but we were connected by Powell's Books.  River lucked out and got a job working there almost right away, which really provided an awesome introduction to this city and life as an independently thinking adult.  I lucked out by having a really amazing mom who would bring us to Powell's on special trips to the city and let us pick out a book of our own.  We would spend hours there, back when the kids' section was in the Gold Room, reading and agonizing over the decision of which book to buy.  Perhaps River and I saw each other then, but gladly we didn't meet until we were both fully grown adults!

During high school when my friends and I rode the bus to 'The City', of course we visited Powell's.  We would sneak into the (you-know-which) section, grab a book, and giggle in hushed whispers a few aisles away.  In college I focused on art and the Pearl Room was like my living room.  As an adult now, I peruse the business section as needed, but mostly you can find me in the Purple, Red, or  Blue Rooms.  River hasn't worked for Powell's for some time now, but whenever we have a few hours of free time, Powell's is our go-to date destination of choice. 

We have been selling Rox Chox at the Powell's on Hawthorne location for over a year now, and for their birthday party they will be giving away 300 mini Rox Chox squares -- October 19th, first come first serve!

Now our Rox Chox are going to be sold at the main Burnside location in the Green Room and the Orange Room! It's like we've come full circle, and our rainbow is complete.  Really amazing.

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