Monday, June 3, 2013

Vacation Announcement!

Dear valued customers,

Rox Chox has been a two-person operation for over two years now, and we have been busily making and shipping Chox for this whole time with hardly any time off, which means the time has finally come for us to take a break (and, on a personal note, a long-postponed honeymoon).  We are choosing to close Rox Chox this year for the six hottest weeks of the summer since it is the slowest time for chocolate sales. This also means that our carbon footprint will be noticeably lighter as we won't be shipping as many ice packs and coolers! 

From July 1st - August 31st we will not be filling any orders, and we will remove online ordering options. We ask that you place your order by July 1st, and we will ship it by July 15th.  We hope that you are able to place an order to last you through the first week of September, as we will re-open for business on September 1st, and fill orders as we receive them.  Just a friendly summer reminder- the shelf life of Rox Chox is three months when Rox Chox is kept at 65*F or lower. If you normally buy your Chox in a store, don't worry- they will be well-stocked.

We thank you SO much for trying, buying, and delighting in Rox Chox.  When you choose to treat yourself to Rox Chox, you are not only supporting our small business, but also Organic and Fair Trade practices and people in Indonesia, The Phillippines, Peru, Ecuador, France, and Indiana, USA.  So when you delight in Rox Chox, you are helping to heal yourself and the planet at the same time!  It has truly been a surprising delight to do business with you, and we look forward to another busy chocolate season starting in September.

Rochelle & River
Rox Chox Chocolates.

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