Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why hello again!

My, how time flies on vacation!  Thanks so much for your patience while we had some summer fun; we are replenished and ready for another busy chocolate season!

Ordering options are back up, so have at it! Please be advised that we have further elaborated on our shipping policies on the 'Buy Chox' page: having had two incidences of melting occur, we no longer will ship to you if it is over 90 degrees F in your location, and if it is over 80, you order at your own risk of melting. We will do our best with insulation.

Here's a few snapshots of what you missed on our vacation: 

 Volunteering at Farmageddon
 Planting a fig tree in Forest Grove
 Swimming at the Sandy River
 Living the life we imagine at the Oregon Coast
 Visiting the picturesque wine country of the Willamette Valley
 Spending quality time with dear friends
 Spending quality time together
 Playing in the sand

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