Thursday, November 7, 2013

Newly available online: Dibs on Nibs!

We are happy to announce the virtual arrival of our new flavor, Dibs on Nibs!

 Dibs on Nibs, at a 73% cacao content, is the darkest of all Rox Chox. The nibs of the heirloom variety of cacao Arriba Nacional de Fina are the crunchy topping and texture to this decadent treat and come to us full of flavor and nutrition from Fair-Trade farmers in Ecuador.

This new flavor is free of coconut and salt but may have come into contact with them as it is processed in our Rox Chox Raw Lab on the same equipment as our original flavor, Sweet & Salt.

You can buy Dibs on Nibs from our website on the sidebar to the right or on the "Buy Chox" page, or by visiting us in person at one of the Farmer's Markets!



  1. Just received the Dibs on Nibs... Oh. Have. Mercy!! That stuff is so wrongly right!! WOW!

  2. Hooray! So happy you are enjoying. So am I! Yummm :)