Sunday, January 5, 2014

We are at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market every other Sunday thru March!

The first Hillsdale Farmer's Market of 2014 was was beautifully bright and cold, but I was thickly bundled and had a chance to do a little basking in the sunshine.  I love having to get up early on market days, because then I see the sunrise! It was gorgeous today. And so peaceful.  Here's a view of the Tualatin Valley's morning:

We are happy to announce that we will be at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market at least through March 2014.  The market is every other Sunday from 10-2.   That's Rox Chox in the photo below, second booth on the right with the red tent and table.

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The next Hillsdale Market will be Sunday the 19th of January, when our favorite vegan employee Matt will be giving out samples and market-direct deals to you while I take a trip to visit family. 

I hope to see you every other Sunday after that! Have an awesome 2014.

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