Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beauteous Spring Tidings! A gift for you!

Hello and Happy Springtime Dear Roxchoxtarians!

Here in the Portland area, birds, bees, and flowers are in abundance, so we are feeling generous. We are celebrating this most wonderful resurgence of life to our natural world by giving away FREE CHOCOLATE to YOU!!! Happy Spring.

This is a rare occasion. We give out lots of morsels to sample, but VERY RARELY do we just give away an entire 1.5 oz bar of Rox Chox. 

That means that if you buy just one bar, you will get two! Yup, it's a Two-fer! 
And if you buy one flavor, you can get the other flavor for free. Just let us know which flavor freebie you'd like, and we'll set you up for some delicious springtime treats.

Offer ends Sunday at midnight. Happy Spring!

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