Monday, September 8, 2014

BIG News for fans of Rox Chox!

We're Back!

& we have BIG news 

Happy September!  We hope all is well with you.  We are back to business making fresh batches of Rox Chox, and are shipping orders out as weather allows (heat waves permitting).
This summer we seriously examined the future of Rox Chox and we have decided to stop production for 2015 and work on developing our company and our business model.

What this means for you, our beloved customers, is our website has reopened for online orders and will stay open until November 20th (in time to ship for Thanksgiving!). Starting November 21st, we will stop production through 2015 with plans to reopen in January 2016. Both flavors are now available in bulk containers or in the 1.5 oz bar size in a case of twelve or in three-packs and shipping prices have been adjusted to reflect the actual cost of sending via Priority with the USPS. As always, if you're in a hot spot we may need to delay your order until it cools off a bit.

Sweet Tip: Rox Chox freezes great for long-term storage, and also keeps in the cooler, walk-in, or refrigerator for probably a year or longer.

research & development

The decision to stop production for 2015 was huge for us and of course we didn't come to it lightly. Our company has grown incredibly quickly, thanks to you! And we are so grateful but with growth there needs to be balance to sustain a business, just like we need balance in our own lives.

Rox Chox has grown to the point where our family production model can not sustain it at a level that meets our customers' needs. Throughout 2015 we'll be developing ways to grow responsibly while maintaining the integrity of our products and striving to build a company that will be able to provide a healthy and balanced environment for all of our workers.
Your support means the world to us and we appreciate your patience as we move through this exciting new phase of our growthWe have really appreciated your patronage and enthusiasm during these formative first three years of Rox Chox and we look forward to stocking you up on Rox Chox through this year and then returning to serving up more delicious chocolate after 2015!
With gratitude,
Rochelle and River

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