Monday, February 13, 2017

One Special Small Valentine's Batch of Rox Chox for short sale!

ANNOUNCING! Rox Chox Valentine's Day Auction to benefit S t a n d i n g. R o c k! 
Now is your once-every-three-years-or-so chance to get a taste of this!
We brought that special secret recipe out of the vaults in the name of love and now we offer one small batch of eight Rox Chox bars in the name of Justice. 
Give the W a t e r P r o t e c t o r s as much money as you can and get a deeelicious rare treat in return. 
How it works:
(For efficiency's sake we are doing all of this through the Internet and Facebook. Sorry, no in-person pick ups)
There is a post for each bar on which you can bid on our Facebook page.
The highest bidder on the 15th of February has until midnight on the 16th to donate their bid to the Standing Rock Water Protectors Legal Defense Fund ( , send us an email with a copy of that donation receipt and $7.70 for priority shipping via PayPal. (If you are outside of the USA you can calculate the shipping cost at for the weight of the bar you win and send that amount in USD instead).
On the 17th we will ship your bar!
It will arrive a few days later!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Our email address is
Thank you!

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