Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rox Chox Rox Chox Rox Chox is EVERYTHING!

Wow, we have been running all over the city making chocolate, looking at kitchens, calling distributors, printing labels, packaging, delivering, demoing, sampling.... and definitely eating our fair share, or more of Rox Chox!

We did not expect this to be so overwhelmingly busy-making but it turns out that there's a great demand for these yummy low-glycemic chocolates!  We are so happy to be sharing the bounty of raw organic sugar-free good-for-diabetics chocolates with everyone, and happy that people are enjoying treats that really treat them well.

So far you can find Rox Chox at People's Coop, Food Front Coop, the Alberta Coop and, Open Space Cafe in Portland, and on this here internet.  Spreading our wings, soon we'll be at a coop near you!

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