Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Adventures in Chocolate-making

River and I spent all day in the kitchen today and made over twenty pounds of Rox Chox.  We figured out our new Revolation chocolate tempering machine, and the Chox came out better than ever.  Maybe I say this every time, but this batch, #104, is the most delicious chocolate ever!!!  So far we have the bar, the bulk, the PHENOMENON (you'll see it soon), and today we came up with the R Square. You'll taste and see.

In giving a brief overview of my life in conversation with a bestie today, I realized that I am actually living the life I have been dreaming of and so many of my dreams are real!  This August River and I will move to San Francisco and I will enter the New Media MFA program at SFAI.  My statement of intent when I applied for this program almost two years ago focused on my desire to use my privilege to empower others, combining art and activism in the act of 'Tikkun Olam', making this world a better place.  Positivity, pleasure, food justice issues, environmentalism, feminism, queer visibility and identity politics have always been central to my practice, but never more than now.

Rox Chox is bringing it all together.  I'll celebrate that.

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