Monday, September 26, 2011

Rox Chox is a real Rarity in so many ways

Today in my 'Global Perspectives on Modernity' class, we were discussing Marx's theory of alienation.  So many workers on this planet are trapped in jobs which are not at all related to who they really are.   Rox Chox is different.  My teacher said that Marx would approve, then qualified that with, 'well, actually, it's not really on a large enough scale.'  Well, maybe not yet, but sooner than we think, at this rate.

I wish I could hand out self-empowerment and self-employment like I can hand out chocolate samples.  Perhaps that will be a longer-term goal: Rox Chox Microlending.  For now, I am super duper happy with the smile on this sweet face:

That's our license!  River has been in Portland making Chox nonstop since we got it.  My heart is warmed.

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