Saturday, October 8, 2011

99% to the People, 1% Reinvestment in the People.

Howdy to the great anonymous unknown energetic ether of the internet from a sunny blustery hilltop in San Francisco!

Occupy Wall Street is going so strong, and this is just the beginning.  I'd like to share with you, world out there, chocolate fans and fellow 99%, that here at Rox Chox we are part of the 99%, and our mission is to use any profits we may generate from this business to support the 99% through barter, trade, employment, fair trade sourcing practices, and once we are 'in the black', a flexible pricing structure aimed at providing Rox Chox on a sliding scale to lower-income markets.

I took huge loans to go to school and to begin this business and will be in debt for quite some time.  When I am no longer a student, I will once again be without health insurance.  At one point I dreamed of becoming a teacher, and I would be a really great one, but the education system has been corrupted and there are hardly any teaching jobs.  Good thing I happen to be pretty good at managing and organizing a business, because Rox Chox is our basket, and almost all of our golden eggs are stuck like glue to its sides.

Good thing the 99% are loving the chocolate we make.  River brought home nine cases of bars from his chocolate-making trip to Portland last week, and we already sold out!  The Ashland Coop will soon be host to Rox, and Eugene is LOVING Rox Chox.  Sundance Grocery has been selling bars like hotcakes, and they just ordered SIX CASES!  Then we got some internet orders (surprise!) and now we are sold out... and I'm like, "Hey, what am I supposed to eat?"

Time to high-tail it back to Portland again...  where the Police are proving to be Peaceful with the protesters.  Maybe they are smart enough to realize that they are the 99% too! I just saw a chart yesterday that showed that around the world, C.E.O.'s make approx 20 times what the average worker makes. Here in the good ol' Democratic U.S. of A., however, if you are a C.E.O. you can make up to FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN dollars for every $1 made by the 99%.  And, you can create an economic crisis, steal the homes of the People, steal their Pensions, and then get bailed out by their tax dollars!  Wow.  What a land of opportunity it is for the 1% who are born into the elite class!

I am working towards the eradication of the entire system of oppression.  I envision a NEW way of building and sharing resources, reestablishing the collective consciousness, and caring for each other.  This business, and this blogging project of sharing our experiences of the struggles and triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey are my attempt at expanding the concept of what a business really is and of what we are each capable of.  This is the People's New Deal.  We can do this, 99%.  Are you with me?

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