Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hooray for the Internet!

Wow. Blogging, networking... I have been 'following' so many people in the wee hours of the night that I'm surprised I don't have a restraining order! Ha ha... Twitter is proving to be very fruitful and full of amazingly inspirational healthy eaters, positive thinkers, and motivating entrepreneurs. Focusing on our mission like an eagle, we are making and shipping Rox Chox to new people every day! Last night with my love and business partner River, we listened to Mozart for Wind instruments while we joyfully packed Internet orders, infusing each shipment with refined happiness!

We are thrilled with each new wholesale account as well, because that means it's much easier for a craving to be immediately and healthfully satisfied. Now the people of the lovely seaside hamlet of Manzanita will experience the sweet and salty crunch of a Rox Chox bar.

We are waiting with baited breath to hear back from the Park Slope Coop in NYC, Rainbow grocery in SF, and more Co-ops in: Moscow, Idaho, Sno-Isle in Everett WA(cool name!) Corvallis, Berkeley, Boise, Arcata, Olympia, and the independent stores Other Avenues in SF and Zerbo's in MI. Taste buds crossed!

If you have a favorite local co-op or independent grocery or chain with awesome business ethics you'd like to find your Rox Chox fix at, send us a recommendation. Last night River and I agreed that our new goal is to be available to chocolate lovers in at least one location per major city in each state before the magical year of 2012 is out. Help us help you be your healthiest self!

Lots of love from a miraculously sunny spot in Portland.

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