Friday, May 11, 2012

New & Upcoming locations: Mt. Shasta, NYC, Seattle

Hello! Good news from the land of Chox: we are getting more situated and secure in our business, so we will still be bringing you delicious Rox Chox indefinitely! This week; we got a P.O. Box, ordered some set-up cartons for sturdier display boxes, made and delivered a lot of Rox Chox, got more network-tastic on the twitter front, enjoyed some much-needed long-lost sunshine, and added some new stores to our list of vendors.

Berryvale Natural Foods in Mt. Shasta City will soon receive their first Chox delivery! I visited this lovely natural foods market on one of my Pdx-to-SF-and-back-grad-school trips last summer. They have an awesome fresh juice bar and deli and a great raw specialty foods section, and while I was there for lunch I gave a sample to the buyer. Yesterday morning i had risen especially early to make calls to the East Coast and happened to glance for a moment at the card for Berryvale. I thought, "oh, that's longer-term, they wanted the new packaging," and moved on to the next task. Just as I was about to head over to the production & shipping portion of this biz, the phone rings. Surprise: they haven't been able to stop thinking about our chocolate, and they want it now!

Some more stores we are super stoked about are; Madison Market in Seattle, The Park Slope Co-op in New York City, and Wild by Nature in Long Island. They have all said yes, pursuant to our securing distribution, so it's in the works! Pretty soon we'll be able to make one of those t-shirts that says: "Rox Chox: Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New York.". Since we're so fashionable. Let us know where you would like to buy Rox Chox, and we will send them a sample.

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