Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rox Chox up in lights in two big West Coast Cities!

Great news!  Rox Chox will be in Seattle proper and northerly Los Angeles next week.  We just shipped our first order of bars and squares to Full O' Life in Burbank, California and next week our first order for Central Co-op's Madison Market goes out with the awesome distributor Earthly Gourmet.  Central Co-op will carry all three sizes of Rox Chox, from the tiny square to the four-ounce Phenomenon, which is a real hunk (of chocolate).

Another upcoming location is the Briar Patch Co-op in Grass Valley, California (paints quite the picture, eh?).  Chox fans in these three locations, sit tight for a week or so to give your grocers time to get them onto the shelves... then, by all means, dig in!

In related news, we have decided after some deliberation to not pursue those accounts which require distribution on the East Coast as it is too costly at this time.  We will instead be searching out other stores which will take direct distribution.  Stay tuned, and if you have recommendations, we are all ears and eyes at

Also, if you are on twitter, hit us up! Getting quite the network going @RoxChoxCo and giving out updates like what music we listened to while making which batches (today was Beyonce.. yeah B!) and when new shipments head out to new locations.

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