Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Rox Spots

It's a dancing day when Rox Chox is available in Sundance Natural Foods in Eugene, Oregon, and that day is today.  Thanks to Ron, the wonderfully friendly Sundance Grocery manager for bringing Rox Chox to the Eugene public.  On our drive south from Portland we stopped off and made our first delivery in person, as well as enjoyed their amazing all-organic salad bar and a big bag of the produce department's bulk fresh blueberries.  Hooray!

And what could be better than enjoying Rox Chox with some books?  Well, now you will be able to find out for yourself at Powell's books on Hawthorne!  Yes, they carry candy bars and then they also carry ROX CHOX bars!!!  The really-good-for-you-not-really-a-candy-bar-but-tastes-like-one chocolate bar.

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