Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Rox Chox Raw Lab in progress

Rox Chox will soon have its own little home in Southeast Portland.  We just spent a week working on our new space.  Turns out it is much more involved than we had anticipated (not surprising, really) to set up your own commercial food production space, so all week long we were hustling and still have a ways to go.  What were we doing? Picking up a water heater, a fridge, patching floor cracks and meeting with the electrician then the plumbers and then patching the walls after they finished installing the pipes.  Whew!
 There are our sinks - the hand sink on the floor has knee pedals for us 'chocolate doctors'.
 So that's what twelve hundred dollars looks like!  I was wondering...
 This is so the ants can't crawl inside.
 Ohh! Power tools! Fun times.
 Carving sheet rock makes me feel like I'm in my childhood home again. Ah, construction zones - so cozy.  Got to use my jigsaw, rad.
Ta da! Seamless! ... almost, that is. After the tape and putty, it will be.

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