Friday, August 12, 2011

Rox Chox have arrived in San Francisco!

...and boy is it ever windy here! We may have moved into the windiest neighborhood, but it is still the most gorgeous city with its hills and fog and rainbow blocks of colored houses with lemons and limes hanging over their fences, so we don't mind the bluster so much. We are settling into our new home and have started our first garden together.

Of course we brought some Rox Chox with us and they found a ready home as well. River was chatting as we bought some groceries in a gem of a little organic grocery on Valencia St and mentioned Rox Chox. Turns out, he was speaking with the owner who quickly quipped, "bring me an order!". So yesterday I did just that. Now you can find Rox Chox nestled amongst a fine selection of chocolates in Valencia Whole Foods on the corner of Valencia and 21st in the Mission district of San Francisco! Ta da! Like magic.

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